Meet Wayven:


Solopreneur & Writer

Wayven is a global citizen who has spent more than half her life living in different parts of the globe, which formed the basis for her well-received book “Drifters Without Borders.” After successfully kicking the caffeine and sugar habit, after brutal withdrawal symptoms, mind you, she remains a cinephile, dog lover and gym junkie.  

But it looks like the globetrotter has hung up her traveling shoes as she is not too enamored with the current state of global travel. “I’m grateful to God that I’ve been able to travel far and wide and I consider the Middle East region one of my favourite parts of the world.” 

Wayven grew up in a Christian home, but only committed to God much later in her life. During her walk with God she found herself wrestling with her faith and in her book “A Crisis of Faith & Religious Confinement: A Personal Journey of Faith, Spirituality and Religion” she looks at who God is, and takes a swipe at Christians, religious leaders and the church. Some of y’all might not like this book. 

She is currently penning a romantic comedy which we hope will be published this year.  

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Try it. SHE doESn’t bite. oK, MAYBE A LITTLE…