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A Crisis of Faith & Religious Confinement

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Can you love God unconditionally? Is God real? What is my purpose? Where is the church when it counts?

This book is based on the author’s personal journey, profound experiences with God and her own struggle with religion. There’s no argument that Christianity is in fact a religion, but unless it becomes a lifestyle, we’ll never enjoy it, we’ll always feel oppressed by it, which is the opposite of what God intended. 

There comes a time in the life of every Christian, and dare I say atheist, when you look back at your life and the challenges you faced, and ask yourself “How did I survive that?” And if you are humble enough to credit the source, why is the commitment still a struggle?

This book takes a swipe at Christians, the Church and religious leaders. Let’s just say, some people are not going to like this book.

Wayven Pienaar