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Is a romantic comedy-drama about a successful, 33-year old business woman, Ella Wright who is forced to move back in with her parents after her business fails and her partner of six years leaves her.

At home she gets a front row seat to her mother, Iris’ tumultuous marriage to her alcoholic father, Richard. She reluctantly decides to help Iris to have him forcibly taken (kidnapped) from their home to the rehabilitation centre. However. their little scheme does not go as planned….

When Ella accepts a wedding invitation of an old school friend, she runs into the great love of her life, David Whitman, whom she stood up on prom night. Sparks fly as the two are reunited, but Ella’s professional ambitions and David’s gutsy Spanish girlfriend, puts a spanner in the works.

Ella painfully realises that contrary to her beliefs, women cannot have it all, despite the myths they’ve been fed over the decades. It’s either a successful career or a successful marriage. 

Wayven Pienaar