Life Gets Remarkably Worse when you Become a Christian

Does Life Become Worse for Christians?

Yes life gets remarkably worse when you decide to walk the straight and narrow. And there’ll be days when you feel like hell is racing after you like a nascar driver . LOL And the funny thing is, hell IS after you.

The fight gets harder because you have to fight against the flesh, fight against the enemy and fight the good fight of faith. Life will test you even more so than it has before and you’ll question why you ever chose this path. The enemy’s ultimate goal is to destroy your faith. Take it apart, through your marriage, your finances, your family, career and more. Everything will fall spectacularly apart the day you commit to God. LOL Even God will test you.  And you’ll wonder what the heck this is all about.

But there is good news. There is no one and nothing on earth that can destroy the enemy and the principalities that we fight each day, better than God can. Watch how the enemy flees from you when you submit to God. Now that doesn’t mean that he won’t come back. No, no, he’s coming back, which is why you have to stay in the bible, meditate on God’s word every day, fight for your faith (even though it seems futile sometimes, it’s not).  Don’t give the enemy any way back into your life through old habits and sin because when you choose to walk in faith, you become new. 

Many Christians wonder why God allows the devil to attack us. Here’s what I’ve learned. The enemy is only powerful when we are weak and vulnerable. When we retain our strength (and this is hard sometimes) through Christ, he doesn’t stand a chance. He’s redundant. 

Don’t drop the ball. I’m rooting for you. 

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