Drifters Without Borders

Can I Explain why I Started Drifting?

Drifters Without Borders is a hilarious novel about how life really is but a series of choices. And when you make those choices when you’re young, it can impact the rest of your life. The story takes place between 2001 – 2011.

From the moment Drew Lewis disembarks in tiny Hungarian metropolis to her final disembarkation in Turkey, her life is marked by uproar and hysterics. What Drew hoped would be a professional venture turns into utter bedlam and her eccentric fellow drifters aren’t making the trip any easier. 

Somehow they all get tangled up in each other’s lives with hilarious consequences. At the end of her adventure she needs to make a decision: Does she return to her life of normalcy or stay in the mess and “feel alive?” 

Her decision might surprise you. Don’t miss it. 

wayven pienaar

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