Don’t be Swayed by the Culture

Our world might be changing but God does not

How does one stay sane in a changing culture? You hold fast to the rock that is God.

Life is changing faster than we imagined it would. Definitions are changing, the media is trying to persuade you what’s biblical is wrong, street preachers are being banned from bringing the word of God and the list goes on. Parents can’t refer to their kids as he or she anymore and some of them are labeled domestic terrorists for not wanting to force vaccinate their children  with a foreign substance. There are a whole heap of things that I don’t have time to go into right now.

But the message to you is this: Don’t be swayed by what you know is not the natural order of things. “They” (the ones we don’t see) are trying to change your perception of everything that you, as a Christian, know to be true. And when you find yourself giving into their ideologies and shunning God, ask yourself whether “they” will salvage you in times of trouble.  Who will you turn to? Your government? I didn’t think so. 

Be aware and alert to their gaslighting and regardless of how you might seem to the world, hold fast to what you believe in and know that God is in control. 


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