A Crisis of Faith & Religious Confinement

A Personal journey of faith, spirituality & religion

A Crisis of Faith is a book about the author’s own walk with God, the damaging effects of being a religious Christian, but also asks to what extent we can be spiritual without being religious

Now more than ever people are questioning where there benevolent God is. With all the suffering of the last two years, we have either drawn closer or drifted further away from him

The book further aims to answer the following questions: 

1 – Can you love God unconditionally? 

2 – Is God Real?

3 – The Church, Religious Leaders and Christians

4 – Does he have a plan for your life?

It goes on to answer so many other questions and argues from a biblical perspective; What is God’s plan for our lives? The sin of pride and more. 

It may not sit well with some Christians but there are just some things that need to be said. Don’t miss it. 

a crisis of faith, religion, spirituality

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